Finding Luke through the command line by consuming an API

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2 min readApr 8, 2022


In the last chapter of this series, I need to find a Starwars word related, in the response of an API, a rarely need, yes.

I have to find the word Luke in a known Starwars API, called Swapi, without IDEs, or frameworks but I’ll use the last chapter’s pieces of knowledge

Having the next class:

This StarWarsWordFinder has next specifications:

  • Execute a request(GET) to the Swapi(people scope).
  • It searches if the API body response would contain my searched word.

To achieve both objectives, I only need the JDK library that contains:

Getting a similar code like this:

I compile this source to generate a Library as explained in Creating a Java Library chapter, and I run the following terminal command:

Let’s try with Yoda:

Oh! “Forget someone seems the API…”🤣

Let’s try with Vader:

“I’m your API Daddy…” Ok, enough of older StarWars jokes!

Let’s try something else, backing to the code of the library. I could add an external library, to convert API string json response to an object, making it a little more specific in terms of only people’s name scope.

The Gson library could parse the string response to a JSON.

Let’s see the source of StarWarsWordFinder code after adding Gson’s fromJson() method:

It was necessary to create two additional classes:

  • StarWarsPeople
  • StarWarsPerson

To map the string results to the valid structure.

So, running the following commands:

I get the new version of my library StarWarsWordFinderWithGson then I can run the main class, adding 2 jars, the gson and the starWarsWordFinder libraries:

So, resuming this in a nutshell

  • A word needs to be found.
  • Identify tools inside JDK library to achivet it.
  • Build a java library with it.
  • Instance and call it inside our main program.
  • Compile it and running it
  • Make some starwars boring joke…ok. no.

This is the end of handmade series , I covered:

I hope you enjoyed it like I enjoyed writing it. There are a lot more coming soon.

Tech stack

  • Java 11.
  • Windows 10.




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